The Law Offices of Peter A. Mesich, Esq.

The law offices of Peter A. Mesich, Esq. are dedicated to enforcing our client's rights to the fullest extent of the law.  We offer compassionate, thorough legal representation.  We do not judge, we defend you fully and completely. 

Our practice is divided up into four areas- DUI defense, criminal defense, civil practice, and land use/environmental.

It is this diversity of practice areas, and experience in each arena, that reinforces each other to allow for complete, thorough legal representation.  We have the tenacity of criminal defense, the in-depth study and capacity of environmental and land use practice, the patience of civil litigation, and the compassion of honest, non-judgmental DUI representation.

Please see the individual practice areas for an understanding of the benefits of hiring Peter Mesich for your individual needs.  Mr. Mesich is part of network of respected lawyers in individual practice fields.  Please feel free to look around the website, then contact us to answer any questions or schedule a consultation.

We pride ourselves on legal representation to establish a life-long relationship of trust with our clients.  We are more prepared, and work harder than the opponent at every step of the legal process.  That's what makes us different.  We hope you join our network of satisfied clients.

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